Product: Honeywell WiFi Thermostat
Author: skWare Technologies (shill)
Links: Shop | Support - 3/31/2023

  • Fixed an issue with scale text when changing holds - 2/10/2023

  • Fixed an issue that prevented changing setpoints for heat-only thermostats that do not support holds. - 1/16/2023

  • Fixed and issue where setpoint changes did not use the correct value when using Celsius - 1/5/2023

  • Improved login efficiency when multiple thermostats are present.
  • Indoor Temp now properly handles thermostats set to Celsius.
  • Fixed Thermostat Min/Max settings not being saved or applied to setpoint controls.
  • Fixed an issue causing RootDevices to not be saved to disk after removal in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue at startup if invalid RootDevices were listed.
  • Removed Emergency Heat device/feature (use System Mode instead). - 12/19/2022

  • Multiple bug fixes with the Thermostat List page.
  • Fixed an issue preventing multiple locations from showing in the list.
  • Ensured user name was blocked from logging of settings
  • Adjusted setpoint change message to better handle thermostats without heat or without cool modes
  • Improved logging to avoid a crash when logging in Trace mode
  • Fixed an issue where plugin tab was missing from root devices upgraded from older plugins - 12/1/2022

  • Fixed missing/incorrect graphics for temperature devices
  • Added logging of thermostat json data in trace mode
  • Fixed an issue preventing changes to setpoint when in Emergency Heat mode
  • Fixed setpoint devices not having correct ControlUse values - 11/23/2022

  • Updated temperature VSP/VGP generation
  • Provided better logging and graceful failure when attempting to run on HS4
  • Refactored version numbering scheme
  • Fixed an issue that allowed logging of some sensitive data - 11/14/2022

  • Fixed an issue with not showing hold times immediately after setting temporary hold
  • Fixed issues with saving Simulated Auto mode setting
  • Fixed an issue with log download and documentation links
  • Added "Update List" button to thermostat selection to get latest values
  • Improved "Add" thermostat selection to include location
  • Created dedicated status graphics in html/skWare/WiFiThermostat folder to allow for customization
  • Changed logic to always present both heat and cool setpoint devices regardless of Simulated Auto setting
  • Removed Event Actions - all device control can be managed via standard HS "Control a Device" action
  • Major refactoring to support both HS3 and HS4 versions from a common codebase - 2/14/2020

  • Fixed an issue caused by Honeywell changing security requirements on their website which prevented successful logins. - 1/24/2020

  • Fixed an issue where RootDevices wasn't saved after adding new thermostats, resulting in the plugin "forgetting" after a restart.

1.4.2 - 11/5/2019

  • Removed status and actions from root device. Update button is now on "Status" device.
  • Improved startup by caching list of device refs.

1.4.1 - 8/5/2019

  • Added the Honeywell thermostat name (in addition to the Homeseer device name) in the list of Thermostats on the config page.
  • Fixed an issue with the way setpoints were configured that wasn't compatible with mobile/voice control.
  • Fixed a logging issue where it logged non-changes to device values instead of changes. - 2/27/2019

  • Fixed an issue where device values with a decimal point weren't properly updated in some situations. - 2/26/2019

  • Fixed an issue with downloading the log file from the Config page.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple setpoint changes for the same thermostat were mistakenly considered duplicates even though the system modes were different. - 12/24/2018

  • Fixed an issue where plugin would fail to start on fresh systems with no existing configuration.
  • [Belated Note] Removed degree label from setpoint device control dropdown. This may break existing events, but was needed to better support Alexa/GH integration.

1.4.0 - 12/10/2018

  • Improved startup time for the plugin.
  • Improved overall performance of the plugin by better controlling calls to the log function.
  • Improved debug logging.
  • Fixed an issue with alignment of log level controls on Linux servers.
  • Celsius users can now adjust setpoints by .5 degrees.
  • Registering a thermostat now uses a list of devices pulled from the Honeywell Portal instead of typing in a Device ID.
  • Settings are now automatically saved when changed.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in login frequency being too high. Sessions will now last for 15 minutes without attempting to login again.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a startup error if mono version was only "Major.Minor" (no ".Revision")
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